Mercedes’ Unveils Smart headlights That Can Project Information Onto The Road.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Smart headlights

Mercedes has been testing smarter headlights, and now it appears they’re no longer just a concept. Daimler announced today that the revolutionary headlamp technology DIGITAL LIGHT with virtually dazzle-free main beam in HD quality and a resolution of more than two million pixels will be available in top of the line Mercedes-Maybach S-Class vehicles.

The revolutionary DIGITAL LIGHT headlamp technology with outstanding performance facilitates pioneering driving assistance and communication with the driver and can create the ideal light conditions in every driving situation. DIGITAL LIGHT offers even higher precision than the MULTIBEAM LED headlamps, minimising the risk of other road users being dazzled. DIGITAL LIGHT delivers an important contribution towards improving safety in road traffic – as an integral part of the overall INTELLIGENT DRIVE strategy.

In the new HD-quality headlamp there is a chip at work with over a million micro-reflectors, i.e. a total of over two million per vehicle. Cameras and sensor systems in the vehicle detect other road users, powerful computers evaluate the data plus digital navigation maps in milliseconds and give the headlamps the commands for best possible adaption of the light distribution in all situations.

The headlamps can also project information onto the road.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Smart headlights Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Smart headlight

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